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alain bublex

The artist was born in 1961 in Lyon, France, and now lives and works between Lyon and Paris. Since the 1990’s, Alain Bublex has been developing gigantic fictions, deeply anchored in reality.
Urbanist, utopist, researcher, and traveller, the artist produces artworks that are meant to be regarded as projects more than objects. They take tangible form through an iconography and a documentation that is as realistic as abundant.
By using a great variety of mediums, his projects hover between fact and fiction, to reinvent the scenery, the city or architecture in general.

Alain Bublex’s productions are also the result of a reflection on time, and history. They recreate the aesthetic canons and myths of the great adventure that is Modernity. based on a city’s history, architecture, or aerodynamism, his evolving constructions deal with time constraints.

Alain Bublex is represented by the George-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois gallery.


18.05 – 20.05.11

Mémoires contemporaines : Per Barclay / Alain Bublex

exhibition hors les murs – Boulogne-Billancourt


13.03 – 06.06.10

15 years of painting, inventary of the photographic work




project room



05.02 – 19.03.2000

Alain Bublex




“L’Architecture photographiée”


13.03 – 06.06.10

15 years of painting



2000 – 2002

Underway Project. Route Nationale – Tours (France)